Thursday, January 03, 2002

New Blog
Ok, I have been moving my weblog. Check it here and please update your links and bookmarks. All 3 of you ;-)

This is not complete yet, but I think everything is coming together. I welcome any comments and criticisms.

Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Oh Ladies
This is an official dare. I dare each and every female reader to contribute to this project..

Come on, it's art!
Now, if someone wants to write a song that goes something like: "All we are saying is give a sustained aerial bombing with coordinated ground assaults a chance" that might be helpful.

Jonah Goldberg, via Andrew Hofer

He is now one of my heroes..
I now have 2 resolutions *yeay*
1) Finally learn Calculus.
2) Finish Howard Zin's Peoples History of the United States.

Woow. Now aren't you all excited?
Happy new year, ya'll.. Hope it was good and everyone had fun. I spent the evening with Dyanna, of Throughyoureyes fame. Wonderful dinner and conversation.

But, alas, no wild monkey sex.