Wednesday, June 27, 2001

I don't know about being a Systems Admin here. Worst part of the job is, if everything is good, no one talks to you, but if something breaks, everyone yells at you. Almost every conversation begins with 'Why can't I...'. Morons. Then it's my fault because some things are setup stupid. Like I had any say in it. I really hate that.

Nothing here. I guess Jen would be interested in hanging out, which is cool. I guess I will have to call her for dinner before I go. Haven't been feeling well lately. Can't eat anything because the thought of eating makes me nausious, but I am hungry all the time. Haven't been sleeping well, so I am always tired. I think I am going more then a little crazy. Only small bright spot is the Go Go's are going to be here in Arinzona in August. That should be cool. Trying to get everything together for the trip home.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Work chugs along. Nothing significant, except the box I thought was Warrens that I thought had lost the data I was to back up turned out to not be his. His was a different one. With data. That's good. Trying a MAPS RBL blocker on our mailserver, but I don't think that will do it. Maybe I will hit a Qmail server. Other then that nothing fun or cool. People seem to be taking a unusually particular interest in my personal well-being and happiness. Strange.

Nothing much here either. Taking care of everything before I go on vacation. Be in Michigan for a week, then back here, then off to Vegas for the week. Going to the Blackhat Briefings and DefCon9.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Work sucks. The worst thing is that I can't trust anyone enough to talk about it. Vented a little, and had a nice little chat with Brad and Martin about whether or not I was happy doing what I was doing. I really hate that. I guess I will just keep it to myself from now on. I am a happy cog.

And if you thought that was exciting, I have nothing to talk about here. I am doing nothing. Going nowhere. Blah.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Not much happening here. Recovering from the weekend. Stiff and sore.. Watched 10 things I hate about you last night. Much better then expected. Nice little movie.

Various things. Spend too much time with other peoples crap. Brought woody back online as a RH7.1 server. What a pain. Migrating filesystems is not fun. Need to think about how I will use the space..
Also various brokeness in the new website published last night relating to the NeoPlanet browser. Ugh.. Love that first thing in the morning.Fix other people's brokeness.

Nothing happening here. Need to motivate myself. Maybe actually put a design down on paper or something.

Monday, June 18, 2001

Isn't great when you do something and look back and wonder how you managed it? That happened this weekend. I spent Saturday and Sunday out in the Big Room doing some backpacking. Hiked a trail through West Clear Creek. Really beautiful backcountry hiking. Went with Eric and Pablo from work. Very cool. Although today, I am feeling a new type of pain.
First day went well. Pablo twisted his ankle in the first couple miles, but he decided to press on. We hiked for a few more miles and found a really beautiful clear pool. The water was cold and clean. There was some swimming and fishing, but all that was caught were small bluegill, which were thrown back. We stayed there for a while to fill our water supplies and cool off. After that we hiked on for several more miles until we found a nice camping spot. We packed in and started a small fire to drive the mosquetos away. Ate our dinner of MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat), the rations they give to soldiers. They have a thin chemical heater which heats it quite well. The meal was filling and not unedible. We laid out our thrmarest mattresses and looked at the stars as it got dark out. That was really great. It gets so dark there. We saw shooting stars and other oddities.
The second day was a bit rougher. After cleaning off and eating breakfast, we filled our bottles and started out. Had some nice hiking for a while, wooded, shaded path. Passed some other hikers sleeping at their camp site. Then things started getting a little sketchy. As far as we can tell, we missed the turn off that we had plotted on our map, and ended up going up this wash. At the end of the wash, we found some cairns, which meant we were on the right path. After some tenuos cross-country hiking, we needed to cross this ridge. The ridge was a 60-70 degree slope, and there was mostly loose rock. After getting to the top of this, we could see our trail on the other side. We traversed to the trail. Once I got there, Eric decide to hike ahead and move his truck closer to the trail head we would be dumping out of. We were all exhausted and starting to run out of water. We finally made it and went home. All in all, a wonderful thing.

Didn't do any hacking this weekend. See above. I am making good progress on my current secret project though. I should have a paper and proof-of-concept code soon.

Not much happening here. Same old, same old.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

I haven't been sleeping lately. Only about 3 hours a night, and bad sleep at that. I don't know if this is something I should be concerned with. I'll worry about it later.
Ohh... Look a little online journal for me to read.. Nothing like that. I just wanted to drop something here. Spiffy